In.To.Joy Dance Fitness

"In.To.Joy Dance Fitness" is a unique dance fitness program featuring world's best dance forms including all Indian dance forms such as bhangra, classical, folk and more. This dance fitness session is an experience in listening to old and latest Indian songs such as Bollywood songs, Indian pop music, carnatic instrumental music and songs and much more. ​ This from top to bottom workout helps to relieve stress and tension from daily life and relaxes your body and mind. In.To.Joy not only uses exercises for body also eyes will be trained as a refreshing factor. This method improves overall eye, hand and leg coordination.Students who would like to try out these classes do not have to have any experience. Many students have gained benefits from attending these classes regularly such as stress relief, having fun and meet like minded people. ​ It is created to suit all ages, fitness freaks, beginners to advanced level to keep you energetic throughout the week.

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